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Stacked Disc Depth Filters

Stacked disc depth filters provide superb filtration for the most demanding filtration applications. Polytech designed filter systems utilizing this filtration technology as an alternative to diatomaceous earth precoat filter systems that have historically been used in these applications. Filtration well under one micron is available in a simple, low cost package that avoids the complexity of precoat and backflushable extended life media systems and the mess of manual precoat filters while eliminating workplace concerns about airborne silica.

Stacked Disc Depth Filter Stacked Disc TechnologyStacked disc depth filters utilize technologically advanced gradient density depth filter media of fully bonded cellulose fiber and diatomaceous earth. The fibers are laid down so that the openings decrease in size from the entry to exit surface capturing ever finer particles as the liquid passes through the media. The crystaline structure of the diatomeceous earth provides a high void volume for dirt holding capacity.

Stacked disc depth filters can be combined with other filtration and separation techinques to reduce operation cost and increase filter life. A common combination filter for use in honing and superfininshing is a first stage magnetic separator followed by a stacked disc filter housing. These filters also find application in coolant or oil polishing on a side loop for removing small fines, such as carbon from cast iron finishing, that would build up to a intolerable level otherwise, thereby extending the life of the coolant or oil.

Stacked disc depth filters are suitable for synthetic water based coolants and straight oils. The droplet size in emulsions of soluble oil is big enough to be stripped out by the filter media.

Four Stacked Disc  Filter Units

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