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Temperature Control

Today's machining and grinding operations often require temperature controlled coolant. High heat inputs from cutting and grinding and high pressure coolant pumps can quickly elevate coolants to unsafe temperatures requiring cooling. Precise sizing operations require constant coolant temperature. Smaller tanks to reduce floor area reduce thermal mass and surface area for heat dissipation requiring cooling.

Diagram of Temperature Control System

Polytech has years of experience integrating cooling with our filtration systems to meet exacting process requirements. We can size and provide heat exchangers or immersion coils and controls for use with plant chilled water systems or provide stand alone air cooled liquid chillers for temperature control.

Our SLE series vacuum filters utilize large clean coolant tanks which permit the use of economical drop-in type chillers where the evaporator/heat exchanger is immersed directly in the clean coolant. This arrangement makes very efficient use of costly floor space.

Closed Loop Chiller
Packaged air cooled chillers can be
sized for virtually any coolant heat load.

Vacuum Filter
Automatic vacuum filter rated at 80 GPM
with top mounted 75,000 BTU/hr chiller.

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